San Antonio TX School Badges – St. George Episcopal

Nov 25 2013

School visitor badges from San Antonio Texas with bulldog clips.Here are some pictures from a recent single color badge used for school visitor badges at the local St. George Episcopal School in San Antonio, TX. This badge is made with our BZP Digital Series Name Badge which is very affordable because it only prints single colors (black, blue, green, red, silver, or gold) over a white plastic material. While it is more cost effective than other badges because there is only one color and they are really fast for us to make, it still looks just as good as our BMP full color plastic name badges. In fact, while writing this post I even thought it was our full color BMP badge before looking at the actual ordering page!

Helpful badge tip for the day: This school badge is equipped with a bulldog clip to easily snap on to any visitor’s shirt. Some people do opt for having a slot punch rather than a bulldog clip so that a bulldog clip lanyard can clip on to the slot punch in the badge, however no lanyard is required whenever you’ve got a bulldog clip fastener since it will clip on to pretty much anything. It could even clip onto a lanyard with a keyring, so you still have the option of using lanyards later on if you just go with a bulldog clip fastener for your name badges or visitor badges.

A bulldog clip fastened onto a school visitor's badge.

Single Color Visitor Badge With Clip.

Name Badges Fort Worth TX – Excel Orthopedics

Sep 17 2013

Fort Worth Name BadgeHere is another one of our full color plastic name badges that we made for Excel Orthopedics of Texas. Excel Orthopedics is based out of Arlington, around Fort Worth and Dallas in Texas. We ship name badges all over the world, but since we are located around Austin, TX, we love getting to supply local Texans with name badge products.

This name badge stands out to us because it’s not the standard size for these digitally printed plastic badges. When logos with a small amount of artwork are placed on standard size badges, it can feel like something is missing on the badge because there is so much space around everything. This badge uses a slimmer 3.35″ x 1″  size that fits a small amount of artwork really well and maintains a professional look.

This custom name tag also has a magnet fastener instead of a standard pin fastener. This allows the badge to attach to a shirt without having to put holes in it. It also gives the badge a heavier weight so it feels valuable and worth something when you hold it. Magnet fasteners are extremely popular, and while they cost quite a bit more than pins, they make name tags really easy to put on and take off without damaging anything.

Name Badge Arlington

Fort Worth Texas Name Tag
Plastic Name Badge With A Magnet

Guest Name Badges – Excel Foundry & Machine

Sep 10 2013

Guest Name BadgeVisitor name badges have a tendency to look very bland and plain, but Excel Foundry & Machine took a much more exciting route for their guest name badges with our BMP full color plastic badges. Excel used the same great full color artwork on all these guest badges. It really looks professional and also gives the guest a sort of fancy business card to take home as a reminder of the company. It’s a guest tag that you wouldn’t want to simply throw away when your done.

There is some small text in this visitors tag that really shows the detail of our full color digital printing process. Every small letter is legible and very smooth. Some of their guest badges have slot punch holes at the top to allow bulldog and hook lanyards to clip onto easily. We offer the slot punch holes as a primary fastener for most of our name badges and can also supply blank or customized lanyards to go with them.

Full Color Visitor Name Tag

Conference Name Badges – MarriageToday

Sep 04 2013

MarriageToday Conference Name BadgeThese full color name badges for MarriageToday are simple, clean, and bright. MarriageToday is an organization out of  Dallas, Texas that hosts conferences around the country designed to renew marriages, and what better way to identify conference staff with their brand than name badges printed with their colorful logo on an uplifting white background.

The BMP full color plastic name badge can have any sort of background, but MarriageToday’s white background works great because its logo utilizes the full color abilities of the BMP. It makes a great example for organizations looking for lighter color full color badges. Lighter colored backgrounds also make text stand out more, allowing for thinner text while maintaining legibility.

Lonestar provides plenty of badges for conferences. If you have different needs for different conferences we can easily create different layouts for different locations. We offer top quality customer service to work with your organization and make ordering name badges a breeze, whatever your situation.

Light Full Color Badge Logo

Conference Name Badge Text

Professional Indianapolis Name Badge

Aug 14 2013

Indianapolis Name BadgeThis name badge made for Precise Path Robotics is how a professional name badge is supposed to look. It’s a BEP Executive Series name badge that really makes text pop with a sharp contrast of deep black against a glossy silver. This makes names, titles, and company information really easy to read on a name badge. While only black is printed over the material color, the gradient in the middle takes advantage of one of the benefits of choosing a badge that can print in full color.

This BEP badge also provides an example of the edge to edge printing available with our metal badges, with the black ink extending to the ends of the metal badge. Edge to edge printing is great for layouts that have the personalized text of an employees name or title to simply not be printed, which allows the material color of the metal shine through in it’s place. What permanency a name embedded in metal brings over a simple disposable name tag! Simplistic style and sharp text make this personalized name badge a great badge for the corporate business environment.

Glossy Silver Name Badge Metal Business Name Badge

Precise Path Robotics is based out of Indianapolis, IN, and Lonestar gladly serves companies like Precise Path in Indianapolis and around the nation.

Look for LoneStar’s Lanyards at SXSW

Mar 14 2012

LoneStar's Custom Lanyards for SXSWIf you’re in the Austin, Texas area this week for one of the largest and most well-known music, film, and interactive festivals (yes, of course we mean SXSW), then be sure to be on the look out around town for one of these eye-catching yellow “Staff” lanyards. Our neighbors to the north, the SXSW crew, order these bright custom printed lanyards each year for all their staff working during the festival. We’re definitely proud to be a part of such a prestigious event every year!

If you’re looking for custom lanyards or even just in-stock, quick shipping lanyards for an upcoming event or music festival similar to SXSW, check out our selection of lanyards on our website.

Name Badges for Sports Teams

Dec 14 2011

BLP Name Badges Ordered by the Chicago Bulls Basketball Team

We’re sure you’ve all heard of the Chicago Bulls, right? Well LoneStar is proud to announce that we’re the supplier of name badges for the one and only Chicago Bulls basketball team!

Ordering both our BLP Laser Engraved Badges and our BMP Full Color Digital Badges, the Bulls incorporate LoneStar into their every game. Name badges are a great way to unite a sport team off the court at events and ceremonies or banquets, as well as for officials and announcers during the game and the more executive administrators behind the scenes. Sport teams of all kinds can definitely benefit from using name badges just like the professional styles that the Bulls order.

LoneStar's BMP Name Badge ordered by the Chicago Bulls

These types of badges can be found on… you guessed it… LoneStar Badge and Sign‘s website! So if you’re interested in badges for your team, coaches, mascots, or officials, feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Name Badges Used at the Fair

Aug 31 2011

Tulsa State Fair

Will you be in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area between September 29th and October 9th? If so, we encourage you to be one of the one million plus visitors that attend their state fair. Maybe you’ll even spot a little piece of LoneStar Badge and Sign there… Our name badges are used in a variety of locations, including the 108th annual Tulsa State Fair!

Here are some of the many awesome, fun, and unique attractions this huge fair has to offer this year:

  • Rodeo at the Tulsa State Fair3 Stages of Live Music: Oklahoma Stage, Budweiser Beer Garden Stage, and International Beer Garden Stage
  • Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3
  • PRCA Rodeo featuring: Easton Corbin on 10/7/11 and Chris Young on 10/8/11
  • Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show
  • Chocolate Sculpture
  • Muscogee Stage Entertainment: Miss Tulsa State Fair Pageant, Star Trek Live, Antonio Restivo’s Fire &  Illusion Show, De’Anna the Hypnochick
  • Ferris Wheel at the Tulsa State Fair4 Ground Shows: Perondi’s Stunt dog Show, Sea Lion Splash, Shenaniugun’s Wild West Comedy Show, Fearless Flores Thrill Show
  • Just For Kids Adventure: Discovering Science, TAF Magic Show, Free Contests
  • Culinary Kitchen Stage Demonstrations by local businesses
  • *New* Fair Food: Red Velvet Funnel Cake, Deep Fried Cookie Dough, Deep Fried Cream Cheese, Deep Fried PB & J, Deep Fried Peanut Butter Cups, Pulled Pork Parfait, Moink Balls on a Stick, Fried Cajun Pickles, Fried Kool-Aid
  • Tulsa State Fair Rodeo and LivestockLivestock Events
  • 23,500+ Livestock Entries
  • Agriculture Interaction Area: Saddle a Horse, Farmer for a Day, Grain Interaction, Petting Zoo, Birthing Center, Milking Parlor, Combine Simulation, Oklahoma Stream Threshing & Gas Engine Exhibit
  • 2,350+ Competitive Exhibit Entries

Tulsa State Fair Name BadgeIf you’re interested in finding out more about the 108th annual Tulsa State Fair, visit their website or follow them on: FacebookTwitter, and coming soon…their new iPhone App!

So go check out the Tulsa State Fair between September 29th and October 9th to see all of these amazing attractions and experience all that the 108th annual fair has to offer. And, don’t forget to look around to see if you can find their name badges produced by LoneStar Badge and Sign.

National Historic Landmark Name Badges

Aug 26 2011

It’s interesting to find out a little bit about where some of the ID products produced at LoneStar end up. We’re beginning to research the history of our clients to gain some insight into all the different types of companies that order from us. One of our customers that caught our attention is Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate's Name Badges

Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate's Name Badges

The staff and approximately 80 volunteers at the Estate order name badges from LoneStar with a very detailed and beautiful image. The image on the badge made us curious to learn more about this historic location shown and to find out a little information about Henry Clay, the original occupant of this Estate. Upon doing some research on the Henry Clay Estate and talking to our contact there, we’ve learned some very interesting and incredible facts about Mr. Henry Clay and his gorgeous National Historic Landmark that was built in the early 1800s.

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate

The Henry Clay Estate is now run by a private non-profit organization, the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation, created by one of Mr. Clay’s descendants. In addition to being a National Historic Landmark, the Estate is now also a museum and educational center that honors the incredible life of Henry Clay.

Henry Clay

Henry Clay

During the early 1800s, Henry Clay was a very influential figure to our nation and our government. He “made the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives the important role it is today, was one of the greatest Senators in the history of that body, served a term as Secretary of State, ran for President three times, and helped to start and end this country’s first war (the War of 1812).” He accomplished so much and we are definitely honored to have our name badges being used by such wonderful people who volunteer at the Estate of such an incredible and fascinating representative of our nation.

For more information on the very interesting Henry Clay or his beautiful historic Estate, you can visit the Ashland website or even plan a trip to visit it the next time you’re in the Lexington, Kentucky area. In addition, you can order full color BMP name badges just like those used at Ashland, visit our website.


Aug 08 2011

Welcome to our new LoneStar Blog!

If you’re at all familiar with LoneStar Badge & Sign (a Texas-based name badge company), you might also already know about our LoneStar ID Insider Blog which features all the latest news about our products and the LoneStar Team. Now we’d like to bring you something a little different and explain not about our ID products, services, and our Team, but give you a little information about some of the many interesting customers that order from us.